About Me

I discovered my love of genealogy about eighteen years ago after the birth of my daughter.  I wanted to discover our family history in order to pass it on to my children.  I had some great success and in the process found my niche for doing research and my love of history.  

My ten years of experience as a paralegal helped in understanding the workings of the courthouse and the existence of legal records that are an essential part of the genealogical research process.  I went back to school in 2004 and attended the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts where in 2008, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in History and a Local History Minor with a GPA of 4.0.  I worked on many local history projects, attended conferences, lectured and interned at the local library archives where I also volunteered as a researcher.  

My own research has inspired me to help others learn more about their own family history.  I treat each new family investigation as if it were my own.


- B.A. Degree in History with a Local History Minor

- Paralegal background and experience with legal documents and courthouse records

- Over fifteeten years experience doing genealogical research

- Internships as archive and research assistant

Member Of:

- Association of Professional Genealogists

- National Genealogical Society

- New England Historic Genealogical Society

Area of Specialty:

  19th & 20th Century U.S. Research

  New England and Pennsylvania

  African-American Studies

All of my work is consistent with the standards set forth by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.  In addition, I subscribe to the Association of Professional Genealogists code of ethics.