There are many genealogical resources available to me both locally and through the internet.  The world wide web is a major resource and tool for conducting research these days and there are many websites that have reliable information as well as access to original source documents.  Many of these databases are offered on a fee basis.  Internet research, however, should not be the only source for conducting research.  All information should be double checked for accuracy and in all possible cases, the original source or document should be consulted.  Information on the web is useful to guide you to other directions and to give you clues for further research.  Not all information on the web is accurate or reliable.  Multiple sources should always be checked.  With that being said, following is a partial list of resources I have available to me for research:

Subscription Databases:




Genealogy Bank

New England Historic Genealogical Society

Other Useful Free Databases and Links:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints

The US GenWeb Project

World GenWeb Project

National Archives and Records Administration

Ellis Island Passenger Records

Library of Congress

Daughters of the American Revolution Library

Find A Grave

Cyndi's List

African American Genealogy

50 Free Genealogy Sites to Search

Local Repositories:

LDS Family History Library in Bradenton

Manatee Central Library Local History & Genealogy Collection

The Selby and Venice Genealogical Collections